26 patents pending… (2021-2024)


  1. [Title] 抗血栓性材料、抗血栓性材料の製造方法、人工臓器及び抗血栓性付与剤
    Pub. Number: JP-7457308-B2
    Pub. Date: 2024/3/28
  2. [Title]Composition for medical use and application of same
    Pub. Number: EP-4316541-A1
    Pub. Date: 2024/2/7
    Pub. Number: WO-2022210938-A1
    Pub. Date: 2022/10/6
    Pub. Number: TW-202304542-A
    Pub. Date: 2023/2/1

    (3 patents pending… )


  1. [Title] コポリマー材料およびそれからなる医療用成形品
    Patent Number: JP-7433606-B2
    Date of Patent: 2024/2/20
  2. [Title]抗血栓性の細胞付着用シート、シート付き医療用器具
    Patent Number: JP-7431423-B2
    Date of Patent: 2024/2/15
    Pub. Number: WO-2022019297-A1
    Pub. Date: 2022/1/27
    [Title]Antithrombotic cell adhesion sheet and medical device with sheet
    Pub. Number: US-20230166013-A1
    Pub. Date: 2023/6/1
  3. [Title] 抗血栓性材料
    Patent Number: JP-7395153-B2
    Date of Patent: 2023/12/11
  4. [Title] 抗血栓性材料、抗血栓性材料の使用方法、及び医療用器具
    Patent Number: JP-7366685-B2
    Date of Patent: 2023/10/23
  5. [Title] Specific cell fractionating and capturing methods
    Pub. Number: EP-3686598-B1
    Pub. Date: 2023/9/27
    [Title] Specific cell fractionating and capturing methods
    Pub. Number: US-20200238201-A1
    Pub. Date: 2020/7/30
  6. [Title] 抗血栓性材料及びそれを用いた医療用器具
    Patent Number: JP-7313900-B2
    Date of Patent: 2023/7/25
  7. [Title]Medical analysis device and cell analysis method
    Patent Number: EP-3301443-B1
    Date of Patent: 2023/7/12
    [Title]Medical analysis device and cell analysis method
    Patent Number:US-10941374-B2
    Date of Patent: 2021/3/9
    [Title]Medical analysis device and cell analysis method
    Patent Number: CN-107884558-B
    Date of Patent: 2021/1/1
  8. [Title] 医療器具
    Pub. Number: JP-2023081761-A
    Pub. Date: 2023/6/13
    [Title] 医療器具
    Pub. Number: WO-2023100827-A1
    Pub. Date: 2023/6/8
    [Title] 醫療器材
    Pub. Number: TW-202322859-A
    Pub. Date: 2023/6/16
  9. [Title] 繊維強化材料、及び繊維強化材料の製造方法
    Patent Number: JP-7264368-B2
    Date of Patent: 2023/4/25
  10. [Title] ポリマー化合物およびコーティング組成物
    Patent Number: JP-7251026-B2
    Date of Patent: 2023/4/4
    [Title]Polymer compound and coating composition
    Pub. Number: WO-2021095753-A1
    Pub. Date: 2021/5/20
    [Title]Polymer compound and coating composition
    Pub. Number: US-20220403112-A1
    Pub. Date: 2022/12/22
    [Title]Polymer compound and coating composition
    Pub. Number: EP-4053172-A1
    Pub. Date: 2022/9/7
  11. [Title] 抗血栓性材料、及び抗血栓性材料の使用方法
    Patent Number: JP-7246248-B2
    Date of Patent: 2023/3/27
  12. [Title]医療用組成物及びその用途
    Pub. Number: JP-2023026365-A
    Pub. Date: 2023/2/24
    Pub. Number: CN-117062637-A
    Pub. Date: 2023/11/14
  13. [Title]高分子組成物
    Pub. Number: WO-2023013410-A1
    Pub. Date: 2023/2/9
  14. [Title] 浸透圧調節剤
    Pub. Number: JP-2023005522-A
    Pub. Date: 2023/1/18
    Pub. Number: WO-2023276967-A1
    Pub. Date: 2023/1/5
  15. [Title]細胞付着用シート
    Patent Number: JP-7199065-B2
    Date of Patent: 2023/1/5
    Pub. Number: WO-2020153364-A1
    Pub. Date: 2020/7/30
    [Title] Cell adhesion sheet
    Pub. Number:US-20210332180-A1
    Pub. Date:2021/10/28
    [Title] Cell adhesion sheet
    Pub. Number: EP3916079A4
    Pub. Date:2022/3/23

    (10 patents pending… )


  1. [Title] 共重合体、水性溶液、架橋体、光硬化性組成物、塗膜、医療用具用材料及び医療用具
    Patent Number: JP-7194949-B2
    Date of Patent: 2022/12/23
    [Title] 共重合体、水性溶液、架橋体、光硬化性組成物、塗膜、医療用具用材料及び医療用具
    Pub. Number: WO-2020152969-A1
    Pub. Date: 2020/7/30
  2. [Title] 特定細胞捕捉方法
    Patent Number: JP-7170254-B2
    Date of Patent: 2022/11/14
    [Title] Method for capturing specific cells
    Pub. Number: US-20190250149-A1
    Pub. Date: 2019/8/15
    [Title] Method for capturing specific cells
    Patent Number: EP-3527986-B1
    Date of Patent: 2022/8/3
    [Title] Method for capturing specific cells
    Pub. Number: CN-110157671-A
    Pub. Date: 2019/8/23
  3. [Title]医療用コーティング剤及び医療機器
    Pub. Number: JP-2022167430-A
    Pub. Date: 2022/11/4
  4. [Title]特定細胞捕捉方法
    Patent Number: JP-7158671-B2
    Date of Patent: 2022/10/24
    [Title]Method for capturing specific cells
    Patent Number: US-11226330-B2
    Date of Patent: 2022/1/18
    [Title]Method for capturing specific cells
    Patent Number: EP-3527985-B1
    Date of Patent: 2020/12/30
    [Title]Method for capturing specific cells
    Pub. Number: CN-110157672-A
    Pub. Date: 2019/8/23
  5. [Title]ポリマー組成物
    Pub. Number: JP-2022157235-A
    Pub. Date: 2022/10/14
  6. [Title]コンタクトレンズ用保存液
    Pub. Number: JP-2022151117-A
    Pub. Date:2022/10/7
    Pub. Number: CN-115125066-A
    Pub. Date:2022/9/30
  7. [Title]組成物および硬化膜付き医療器具
    Patent Number: JP-7129071-B2
    Date of Patent: 2022/9/1
    Pub. Number: WO-2020153270-A1
    Pub. Date: 2020/7/30
    [Title]Composition and medical device with cured film
    Pub. Number: US-20210332239-A1
    Pub. Date: 2021/10/28
  8. [Title]特定細胞捕捉方法
    Patent Number: JP-7109719-B2
    Date of Patent: 2022/8/1
    [Title] Method for capturing specific cells
    Patent Number: US-11573232-B2
    Date of Patent: 2023/2/7
    [Title] Method for capturing specific cells
    Patent Number: EP-3553516-B1
    Date of Patent: 2023/4/12
    [Title] Method for capturing specific cells
    Pub. Number: CN-110157670-A
    Pub. Date: 2019/8/23
  9. [Title]癌細胞接着用組成物、癌細胞捕集フィルター、及び癌細胞の検出方法
    Pub. Number: JP-WO2022009968-A1
    Pub. Date: 2022/1/13
    Pub. Number: EP-4180469-A1
    Pub. Date: 2023/5/17
    Pub. Number: CN-115461621-A1
    Pub. Date: 2022/12/9
    Pub. Number: US-20230251263-A1
    Pub. Date: 2023/8/10
  10. [Title] 血液処理用分離膜及びその膜を組み込んだ血液処理器
    Patent Number: JP-6992111-B2
    Date of Patent: 2022/1/13

    (11 patents pending… )


  1. [Title] 樹脂材料およびそれからなる医療用成形品
    Pub. Number: JP-2021193164-A
    Pub. Date: 2021/12/23
  2. [Title] 不織布及び赤血球含有生体由来液処理フィルター
    Pub. Number: JP-2021171747-A
    Pub. Date: 2021/11/1
  3. [Title] 含フッ素重合体、膜及び医療用具
    Pub. Number: JP-2021165321-A
    Pub. Date: 2021/10/14
    [Title] Fluorine-containing polymer, film, and medical instrument
    Pub. Number: WO-2020013010-A1
    Pub. Date: 2020/1/16
  4. [Title] 体内留置物用材料
    Patent Number: JP-6948661-B2
    Date of Patent: 2021/10/13
  5. [Title] 含フッ素重合体、膜及び医療用具
    Pub. Number: JP-WO2020013009-A1
    Pub. Date: 2021/8/2
  6. [Title] 特定細胞の分画方法及び捕捉方法
    Patent Number: JP-6895662-B2
    Date of Patent: 2021/6/30
  7. [Title] 医療用検査装置及び細胞検査方法
    Patent Number: JP-6886668-B2
    Date of Patent: 2021/6/16
    [Title] Medical analysis device and cell analysis method
    Patent Number: US-11660596-B2
    Date of Patent: 2023/5/30
  8. [Title] がん細胞捕捉方法
    Patent Number: JP-6886667-B2
    Date of Patent: 2021/6/16
  9. [Title]中間水を含有可能な非水溶性ポリマーの水和方法
    Pub. Number: JPWO-2021095862-A1
    Pub. Date: 2021/5/20
    [Title] Method for hydrating water-insoluble polymer capable of containing intermediate water
    Pub. Number: EP-4053191-A1
    Pub. Date: 2022/9/7
  10. [Title] 医療用具用重合体、医療用具用材料及びそれを用いた医療用具
    Patent Number: JP-6868235-B2
    Date of Patent: 2021/5/12
  11. [Title] ジエン系モノマー、それから得られるポリマー、該ポリマーを含む抗血栓性材料
    Pub. Number: JP-2021063159-A
    Pub. Date: 2021/4/22
  12. [Title]コポリマー、これを利用する抗血栓コーティング剤及び医療用具
    Patent Number: JP-6855440-B2
    Date of Patent: 2021/4/7
    [Title]Copolymer, antithrombotic coating agent using same and medical device
    Pub. Number: WO-2017150000-A1
    Pub. Date: 2017/9/8
    [Title]Copolymer, antithrombotic coating agent using same and medical device
    Pub. Number: US-20190091380-A1
    Pub. Date: 2019/3/28
    [Title]Copolymer, antithrombotic coating agent using same and medical device
    Patent Number: EP-3424964-B1
    Date of Patent: 2023/8/2
    [Title]Copolymer, and antithrombotic coating agent and medical device using same
    Patent Number: CN-108699191-B
    Date of Patent: 2021/8/31
    [Title]Copolymer, antithrombotic coating agent and medical appliance using it
    Patent Number: TW-I706795-B
    Date of Patent: 2020/10/11
  13. [Title]細胞培養器具
    Patent Number: JP-6840612-B2
    Date of Patent: 2021/3/10
  14. [Title]細胞培養器具および細胞培養方法
    Patent Number: JP-6840629-B2
    Date of Patent: 2021/3/10
  15. [Title]抗血栓性ブロック共重合体
    Patent Number: JP-6833673-B2
    Date of Patent: 2021/2/24
    [Title]Antithrombotic block copolymer
    Pub. Number: WO-2016143787-A1
    Pub. Date: 2016/9/15
    [Title]Antithrombotic block copolymer
    Pub. Number: US-20180028726-A1
    Pub. Date: 2018/2/1
  16. [Title] 高分子化合物、抗血栓性高分子材料、およびそれを用いた医療機器
    Patent Number: JP-6812191-B2
    Date of Patent: 2021/1/13

    (2 patents pending…)


  1. [Title] 医療用具用重合体用単量体組成物、及び、医療用具用重合体
    Patent Number: JP-6805488-B2
    Date of Patent: 2020/12/23
    [Title] Polymer for medical device, medical device material and medical device prepared from the material, and monomer composition for polymer for use in production of medical device
    Patent Number: US-10391205-B2
    Date of Patent: 2019/8/27
  2. [Title] 蛋白質吸着抑制剤および蛋白質吸着抑制の方法
    Patent Number: JP-6803381-B2
    Date of Patent: 2020/12/23
    [Title] Protein adsorption inhibitor and method for inhibiting adsorption of protein
    Pub. Number:WO-2017155019-A1
    Pub. Date:2017/9/14
  3. [Title] 医療用検査装置及び細胞検査方法
    Patent Number: JP-6779483-B2
    Date of Patent: 2020/11/4
    [Title]Medical analysis device and cell analysis method
    Patent Number: US-11360078-B2
    Date of Patent: 2022/6/14
    [Title]Medical analysis device and cell analysis method
    Patent Number: EP-3812766-B1
    Date of Patent: 2024/11/1
  4. [Title] 医療用具用材料及びそれを用いてなる医療用具
    Patent Number: JP-6775225-B2
    Date of Patent: 2020/10/28
  5. [Title] 細胞接着用粒子及びその使用
    Pub. Number: JP-WO2020203965-A1
    Pub. Date: 2020/10/8
    [Title] Particles for cell adhesion and utilization thereof
    Pub. Number: US-20220154165-A1
    Pub. Date:2022/5/19
    [Title] Particles for cell adhesion and utilization thereof
    Pub. Number: EP-3929221-A4
    Pub. Date:2022/11/23
  6. [Title] Medical analysis device and cell analysis method
    Patent Number: US-10786812-B2
    Date of Patent: 2020/9/29
  7. [Title] 血液処理用分離膜及びその膜を組み込んだ血液処理器
    Patent Number: JP-6737565-B2
    Date of Patent: 2020/8/12
  8. [Title] 細胞培養装置及び細胞培養方法
    Pub. Number: JP-2020115787-A
    Pub. Date: 2020/8/6
    [Title] 细胞培养装置以及细胞培养方法
    Pub. Number: CN-111500441-A
    Pub. Date: 2020/8/7
  9. [Title] 消化器系ステント
    Patent Number: JP-6721316-B2
    Date of Patent: 2020/7/15
  10. [Title] 医療用具用重合体、医療用具用材料及びそれを用いた医療用具
    Patent Number: JP-6667825-B2
    Date of Patent: 2020/3/18


  1. [Title] ハイドロゲル、医療用具、及び医療用具用成形品
    Pub. Number: JP-2019210348-A
    Pub. Date: 2019/12/12
  2. [Title] 単量体組成物、重合体、ハイドロゲル、医療用具、及び医療用具用成形品
    Pub. Number: JP-2019203102-A
    Pub. Date: 2019/11/28
  3. [Title] 癌細胞接着剤及び癌細胞の検出方法
    Patent Number: JP-6601768-B2
    Date of Patent: 2019/11/6
  4. [Title] 医療用部材
    Patent Number: JP-6584221-B2
    Date of Patent: 2019/10/2
  5. [Title] がん細胞捕捉方法
    Patent Number: JP-6518985-B2
    Date of Patent: 2019/5/29
    [Title] Method for capturing cancer cells
    Patent Number: US-10620186-B2
    Date of Patent: 2020/4/14
    [Title] Method for capturing cancer cells
    Patent Number: EP-3301444-B1
    Date of Patent: 2024/1/10
  6. [Title] 医療用検査装置及び細胞検査方法
    Patent Number: JP-6485783-B2
    Date of Patent: 2019/3/20
  7. [Title] 細胞培養器具およびその製造方法
    Patent Number: JP-6480285-B2
    Date of Patent: 2019/3/6
    [Title] Cell culture device and method of manufacturing the same
    Patent Number: US-10415009-B2
    Date of Patent: 2019/9/17
  8. [Title] 溶液から細胞を分離する細胞分離方法、細胞吸着用水和性組成物、および細胞分離システム
    Patent Number: JP-6474540-B2
    Date of Patent: 2019/2/27
  9. [Title] 医療用検査装置及び細胞検査方法
    Patent Number: JP-6468520-B2
    Date of Patent: 2019/2/13
  10. [Title] 細胞培養容器、細胞培養容器の製造方法、並びに細胞シートの製造方法
    Pub. Number: JP-2019000005-A
    Pub. Date: 2019/1/10


  1. [Title] 医療用具用材料、並びに、それを用いた医療用具、抗血栓性材料及び細胞培養基材
    Patent Number: JP-6395252-B2
    Date of Patent: 2018/9/26
  2. [Title] 抗血栓性材料、成形物及び物品
    Pub. Number: JP-2018143584-A
    Pub. Date: 2018/9/20
  3. [Title] 表面改質方法
    Patent Number: JP-6362224-B2
    Date of Patent: 2018/7/25
    [Title] Surface modification method
    Patent Number: US-10618996-B2
    Date of Patent: 2020/4/14
  4. [Title] 細胞培養用および癌細胞増殖抑制用の少なくとも一方の用途に用いるポリウレタン多孔質膜の製造方法
    Patent Number: JP-6343492-B2
    Date of Patent: 2018/6/13
    [Title] Production method of polyurethane porous membrane to be used for at least one of applications of cell culture and cancer cell growth inhibition
    Patent Number: US-9637722-B2
    Date of Patent: 2017/5/2
  5. [Title] 細胞挙動を制御するブロック共重合体
    Pub. Number: JP-2018068192-A
    Pub. Date: 2018/5/10
  6. [Title] 環状カーボネートの製造方法
    Patent Number: JP-6320688-B2
    Date of Patent: 2018/5/9
  7. [Title] 血液処理用分離膜及びその膜を組み込んだ血液処理器
    Pub. Number: JP-WO2016208642-A1
    Pub. Date: 2018/4/26
    [Title] Separation membrane for blood treatment, and blood treatment device incorporating separation membrane
    Pub. Number: WO-2016208642-A1
    Pub. Date: 2016/12/29
    [Title] Separation membrane for blood processing and blood processing device including the membrane
    Pub. Number: US-20180185793-A1
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  8. [Title] 生体適合性ポリマー及びその製造方法並びにそれを製造するための新規化合物
    Patent Number: JP-6296433-B2
    Date of Patent: 2018/3/20
  9. [Title] 溶液から細胞を分離する細胞分離方法、および、細胞分取用水和性組成物
    Patent Number: JP-6278321-B2
    Date of Patent: 2018/2/14


  1. [Title] 新規ポリマー
    Pub. Number: JP-2017203062-A
    Pub. Date: 2017/11/16
  2. [Title] 胆管留置用ステント及びその製造方法
    Patent Number: JP-6228594-B2
    Date of Patent: 2017/11/8
    [Title] Stent to be placed in bile duct and process for producing same
    Pub. Number: WO-2014171448-A1
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    [Title] Stent to be placed in bile duct
    Patent Number: US-10080640-B2
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  3. [Title] 抗血栓性材料としての生体親和性ポリマー
    Patent Number: JP-6226357-B2
    Date of Patent: 2017/11/8
  4. [Title] 高分子化合物、及びそれを用いた組成物、医療機器
    Patent Number: JP-6195335-B2
    Date of Patent: 2017/9/13
  5. [Title] 細胞培養器具
    Patent Number: JP-6189787-B2
    Date of Patent: 2017/8/30
    [Title] Cell culture instrument
    Pub. Number: WO-2015166625-A1
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    [Title] Cell culture device
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    [Title] Polymer compound for medical use and composition and device using same
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    [Title] Polymer compound for medical use and composition and device using same
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  8. [Title] 膜、基体及び細胞の採取方法
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    Date of Patent: 2017/2/15


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  2. [Title] 生体適合性材料、医療用具及び医療用具の使用方法
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  3. [Title] 癌細胞接着性向上剤
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    [Title] Agent for improving cancer cell adhesiveness
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    [Title] Agent for improving cancer cell adhesiveness
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    Pub. Date: 2016/4/28


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    [Title]Antibacterial polymer, production method therefor, and usage thereof
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    [Title]Antibacterial polymer, production method therefor, and usage thereof
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  1. [Title] 抗血栓性材料としての生体親和性ポリマー及びその中間体として有用な環状カーボネート並びにその製造方法
    Pub. Number: WO-2014133102-A1
    Pub. Date: 2014/9/4
  2. [Title] 組織体形成用基材、組織体形成キット、それを用いた組織体形成法、及び該組織体形成法により形成された三次元組織体
    Patent Number: JP-5583312-B2
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Challenges for Biomaterials Design and Applications to Accelerating Healthcare Innovation