Past awards

Faculty ・PD awards

award winneraward datename of awardaward title
柏﨑亜樹学術研究員2017.8.24Biomaterials lnternatiomal 2017 Best Poster Paper AwardZwitterionic Polymers for Peptide Hormone Delivery to the Intracellular G-Protein Coupled Receptors
田中 賢2016.3.2International Conference on Materials Science & Technology (ICMTech -2016)Design of biocompatible polymers based on the intermediate water concept
E. Kitakami, M. Tanaka et al.2012.6.69th World Biomaterials Congress Poster AwardAdhesion and proliferation of human periodontal ligament cells on biocompatible scaffolds
H.Choi, M. Tanaka, et al.2012.2.16JSPN-NRF Asian Science Seminar Seoul, Encouraging PrizeMorphology and biochemical differences of mast cells on honeycomb-patterned polymer film
Akiko Tanabe, Shigeaki Morita, Masaru Tanaka, Yukihiro Ozaki2008.12.13The IUMRS International Conference in Asia 2008 (IUMRS-ICA 2008) IUMRS-ICA2008 and MRS-J Encouraging PrizeHydration Structures of a Blood Compatible PMEA Film at a Functional Group Level
田中 賢, 下村政嗣, 島内英俊, 石幡浩, 岩間 張良2009.9.14 (アメリカ合衆国) AAP Winner
M. Tanaka, N. Gadegaard2008.6.10PMI2 Connect-Research Co-operation Award 2008 from British CouncilNovel topographical materials platforms for neuronal stem cell culture and differentiation
M. Takebayashi, K. Sato, M. Miyama, K. Nishikawa, J. Nishida, M. Tanaka, M. Shimomura.2001.9.25Korea Japan Joint Forum KJF2001 Organic Materials for Electronics and Photonics Best Poster AwardFabrication of regular porous polymer films for biomedical devices‐Control of pore structure and size‐

Students’ awards

award winneraward datename of awardaward title
M1 入江俊也2017.2.3International Symposium on Materials for Chemistry and Engineering (IMCE 2017)Best Poster AwardRegulation of Cellular Behavior on Biocompatible Polymers Containing Intermediate Water

Challenges for Biomaterials Design and Applications to Accelerating Healthcare Innovation