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2020/01/29 (Wed)
Prof. Manuel Salmerón-Sánchez (University of Glasgow ) gave a lecture.

We invited Prof. Manuel from the University of Glasgow, who is also a professor of IMCE in 2019,
to join us for this lecture.
He gave a lecture on 「Engineered microenvironments for stem cell engineering.
It was a very interesting and valuable discussion.
During the visit, we plan to have a discussion with each member about their research.

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2020/05/11 (Mon) category Our research contents of our lab was posted in Nihon Keizai News Paper (May 11, 2020). 
2020/02/06 (Thu) category Ms. Ayako Tsujimoto (Osaka Prefecture University, Joint Research) was awarded the Best Poster Award at Biomedical Forum 2020. 
2020/01/29 (Wed) category Prof. Manuel Salmerón-Sánchez (University of Glasgow ) gave a lecture. 
2020/01/16 (Thu) category Dr. Kyoko Yamamoto (AGC Co., Ltd.) gave a lecture. 
2020/01/10 (Fri) category Mr. Hirotaka Uehara, D1, received the Best Poster Award at the 9th Kyushu Area Conference of the Japanese Society for Biomaterials prize. 
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