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2020/05/11 (Mon)
Our research contents of our lab was posted in Nihon Keizai News Paper (May 11, 2020).

For more information, please check the morning edition of the day's paper and the electronic version.
Weaknesses in treating patients with severe corona injuries.
(Nihon Keizai News Paper, May 11, 2020, Morning Edition)

Professor from the University of Tokyo and others have uncovered the cause of blood clots in Ekumo's artificial lungs.
(Nihon Keizai News Paper electronic edition, May 10, 2020)

In collaboration with Prof. J. Harada and colleagues at the University of Tokyo, we have developed a series of new technologies using the large synchrotron radiation facility SPring-8.
We are investigating the state of "intermediate water" that plays an important role in the expression of antithrombotic functions.
We aim to develop polymeric biomaterials for next-generation medical devices such as artificial lungs.



2020/05/11 (Mon) category Our research contents of our lab was posted in Nihon Keizai News Paper (May 11, 2020). 
2020/02/06 (Thu) category Ms. Ayako Tsujimoto (Osaka Prefecture University, Joint Research) was awarded the Best Poster Award at Biomedical Forum 2020. 
2020/01/29 (Wed) category Prof. Manuel Salmerón-Sánchez (University of Glasgow ) gave a lecture. 
2020/01/16 (Thu) category Dr. Kyoko Yamamoto (AGC Co., Ltd.) gave a lecture. 
2020/01/10 (Fri) category Mr. Hirotaka Uehara, D1, received the Best Poster Award at the 9th Kyushu Area Conference of the Japanese Society for Biomaterials prize. 
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